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About Us

Praxis Counselling is a team of qualified and experienced mental health professionals trained to meet our clients’ emotional needs. 

We believe in a culturally sensitive approach. This means that we are mindful and well-equipped to deal with both cultural differences and similarities. We are also experienced in helping people manage conflict that may arise out of cultural differences. We look forward to working with you to help you live the life you want.

Dr. Monica Chi Eaton, MSW, PhD, RSW

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

I have extensive experience working with those struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues such as  communication, attachment injuries, infidelity, separation, and divorce. My goal is to support clients become their own therapist in managing their challenges! I speak Korean as well.


Jeanie Kang, MSc. OT Reg. (Ont.)

Registered Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist

I am a registered occupational therapist with 15 years of mental health experience. My clinical expertise focuses on treating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma and PTSD. I am passionate about working with people to help them pursue their life and relationship goals. I provide therapy in Korean as well.


Monica Dosanjh, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

I have 17 years of clinical experience working with couples, families and individuals struggling with issues including anger management, anxiety, stress, depression, and marital issues. As a therapist, it is my aim to foster an environment where clients feel safe to unpack their vulnerabilities and emotional burdens.


Demi Wang, M.Div.,
RP (Qualifying)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I work with individuals, couples, and families facing a wide range of challenges including challenges with mood and anxiety, relationship conflicts, life transition, cross-cultural issues, and trauma. In our work, I will honour your story and we will work towards your goals in an efficient and collaborative manner. I speak Mandarin as well.


Lisa Chae, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

I work with children, youth, and individuals who are experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges. I support clients in managing challenging emotions and relationships more effectively. My work focuses on providing clients with the skills and tools they need to effectively manage their daily lives and make positive changes. I provide therapy in Korean as well.



Therapy will help you to move through your challenges and to re-discover the things in life that make your day worthwhile. In working with our therapists, you will learn to manage your emotions and relationships more effectively. Our hope is to provide you with the  practical tools and skills that will enable you to become your therapist.

Our work is based on scientific evidence. We use proven methods to solve your problems effectively. The approach we use includes cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness-based treatment, emotionally focused therapy, and Gottman method couples therapy. ​Let us help you learn the skills you need to manage your emotions and conflicts so you can live the life you want. Praxis Counselling offers online counselling in Ontario using a secure video conference system. ​

Individual Counselling

Depression / Anxiety / Anger Management / Stress Management /  Violence and Abuse / Separation and Divorce / Life Transition / Trauma and PTSD / Mood Disorders / Mental Illness  / Pain Management


Couple or Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marital / Infidelity / Trauma and PTSD / Communication / Parenting and Emotions Coaching / Interracial Couples / Conflict Management / Emotional Connectedness / Separation and Divorce / Discernment Counselling


Family Counselling

Extended and Blended Families / Intergenerational Families / Interracial Families / Improving Relationship Among Family Members / Co-Parenting and Custody Issues / Trauma and PTSD / Life Transitions



Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions. Please contact us with any other questions not answered below.

Is Praxis Counselling open during COVID-19?

To ensure your safety, and that of our team, all in-person sessions have been changed to online or phone sessions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your therapist directly. We will continue to follow the directions of our provincial government and our regulatory bodies to ensure the highest standards are met to keep us all safe and let you know of any updates as they occur. If you have any questions, please ask.

Are my sessions confidential?

Any information provided to your therapist is held in the strictest confidence. No information that you have shared with us can be shared without your specific consent. Our privacy policies will be shared and discussed with you at the beginning of your treatment.

What is your fee?

The fee for therapy depends on the qualifications of the therapist and the duration of the session. While counselling and psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP, many private/corporate/university health insurance plans cover psychotherapy services provided by Registered Social Workers or Occupational Therapists.

How long will I need to be in therapy for?

The length of time varies for each individual client and what they are seeking treatment for. That being said, we draw from science to give us a map of our clients’ treatment journey. Our approach help our clients learn skills and strategies to become their own therapist and understand how they can challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, and better manager their behaviours and emotions.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, you must notify your therapist. Except under extenuating circumstances, you will be charged the full fee for any appointment that is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

How do I book an appointment?

Please contact us at (289) 430-5609 /

How do I get referred to your practice?

Referrals are not required and you can contact us directly. One member of our team will provide a free initial consultation by telephone. During this call, we will speak with you about why you are seeking treatment at this time and your goals for therapy. An initial appointment will then be set up at our earliest availability.

How does a healthcare provider refer to your practice?

Praxis Counselling welcomes referrals from all healthcare providers. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for a free consultation and obtain relevant information for your client.


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