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Counselling Services

At Praxis Counselling, we proudly offer both in-person and virtual counselling options.

Therapy will help you to navigate through the challenges that life presents and to re-discover the experiences in life that make your day worthwhile. In working with our therapists, you will learn to manage your emotions and relationships more effectively. Our goal is to provide you with the practical tools, guidance, and skills that will enable you to become your own therapist.
Our counselling work is based on scientific evidence. We use proven methods to help find positive solutions to your problems effectively. Our approach includes the application of a variety of therapeutic modalities including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based treatment, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

A boy on a park swing thinking about children's therapy in Oakville Ontario, Markham, North York and Vaughn.

Counselling for Children

We provide individual counselling to children looking to explore and improve on anger, anxiety, bullying, communication, coping skills, depression, emotional regulation, mood disorders, OCD, relationship conflict, self-esteem and trauma.

Counselling for children is provided through online counselling by LisaIris and Inna.


Counselling for Teens

We provide individual counselling to teens looking to explore and improve on anger, anxiety, bullying, communication, coping skills, depression, emotional regulation, mood disorders, OCD, relationship conflict, school challenges, self-esteem and trauma.

Counselling for teens is provided through online counselling by Lisa, Inna and Iris, and online or in-person (North York) by Jane.


Counselling for Adults

We provide individual counselling to adults looking to explore and improve on anger, anxiety, communication, coping skills, depression, emotional regulation, mood disorders, OCD, pain management, relationship conflict, self-esteem, self-care, stress management, trauma & PTSD, violence & abuse and more.

All of our counsellors at Praxis Counselling work with adults on their journey to healing. Please see our team page to learn more about our therapists!

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Couples and Marriage Counselling

At Praxis Counselling, we utilize the Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy. The Gottman Method is an approach to relationship counselling that includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship dynamics and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory. The goals of Gottman Method are to disarm conflicting verbal communication while increasing intimacy, respect and affection. The skills couples will learn will help them to remove barriers in their relationship that create a feeling of stagnancy and to foster a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.

Couples and marriage counselling is provided through online counselling by Monica.

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Family Counselling

At Praxis Counselling, we provide counselling for families hoping to improve on a variety of aspects of family life, including communication, understanding and handling certain situations, creating a better functioning overall home environment and more.

Family counselling is provided by Lisa and Inna.


Psychological Assessment

What is psychological assessment?
A psychological assessment will help you better understand yourself and lay the groundwork for a plan to achieve the changes you wish to make. A good plan must be based on a comprehensive understanding of the individual, including their behaviours, problems, personality characteristics, abilities, and intellectual functioning. In some cases an assessment will result in a diagnosis which can guide the treatment plan.

At Praxis Counselling, we assess adults. Individuals often ask for a psychological assessment to confirm or clarify a diagnosis. Individuals may also want a profile of their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the correct diagnosis can guide rehabilitation, education or vocational recommendations. Lastly, a psychological assessment can result in referrals to other specialists, such as occupational therapists, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, dieticians, and others.

What will a psychological assessment be like? .
The process of psychological assessment usually includes an interview, psychological testing, observations, and speaking with family members or other healthcare practitioners when necessary. You will attend 3-6 appointments, but the number of appointments will vary depending on the circumstances.

Following the formal assessment period, your psychologist will gather all the information, and will get a picture of the situation. This picture is called the clinical formulation, or the explanation of your difficulties. Clinical formulations are based on psychological theory and research that inform the opinion about the cause and nature of the difficulties and treatment recommendations. The psychologist will meet with you to go over the results and recommendations and you will have an opportunity to give feedback. You will also receive a written report summarizing all of the information. A written report may be produced upon request (fees may apply).

Psychological assessments will be conducted by Dr. Anders Dorbeck, you can read more about him here.

Are my sessions confidential?

Any information provided to your therapist is held in the strictest confidence. No information that you have shared with us can be shared without your specific consent. Our privacy policies will be shared and discussed with you at the beginning of your treatment.

What is your fee?

The fee for therapy depends on the qualifications of the therapist and the duration of the session. While counselling and psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP, many private, corporate or university health insurance plans cover psychotherapy services provided by Registered Social Workers or Occupational Therapists.

How long will I need to be in therapy for?

The length of time varies for each individual client and what they are seeking treatment for. That being said, we draw from science to give us a map of our clients’ treatment journey. Our approach help our clients learn skills and strategies to become their own therapist and understand how they can challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, and better manager their behaviours and emotions.