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Category: Emotions

Anxiety in the Midst of Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID19) is here. And it feels like it’s everywhere, including places where we once considered “safe”. Hundreds of thousands of people have been socially distancing themselves in a global bid to #flattenthecurve. Five days into working from home, even for a happy introvert like me, I’m starting to bear the brunt of this pandemic…
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What Are Your Triggers? Part 2: Anger

As much as we try to keep anger at bay, the truth is, it’s hard to keep them out forever from our life. Anger is one of the basic human emotions and we all experience it from time to time. In fact, depending on the situation, anger can be an appropriate, valid, and healthy emotional…
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What Are Your Triggers? Part 1: Anxiety

Do you know what makes you anxious? Feeling scared, insecure, overwhelmed or worried can happen for lots of different reasons. While some universal situations such as a job interview or a going on a blind date may bring up these emotions, what makes you anxious will be highly individual to who you are as a…
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You Are Not Your Feelings

It is not easy to define feelings. They are ever changing and we feel so many of them! Despite these qualities, one of best descriptions I’ve heard is that feeling are like waves. They come in strong, peak, and fade. You can’t control when they’ll come and how they’ll come. But one thing that’s pretty…
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Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and emotions — we all have them. Some are better at dealing with them and even welcome them, while others have no clue what they are and how to deal with them.  What’s the difference between emotions and feelings? An emotion is how your body behaves as you go through different experiences throughout the…
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